Green Juice



The RAWR Reset

If you have ever considered a juice fast but were not quite sure how to go it alone, RAWR Bar is here to provide you the perfect guided program that will ease you into the process of cleansing. At RAWR Bar we offer one, three or five-day RAWR Resets; liquid feasts that are a natural and gentle way to refresh and reset. These cleanses will leave you radiating wellness and full of energy by delicately supporting your body's inherent ability to detox with the aid of fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs only.

In the mornings you will be invited to RAWR Bar to collect your cooler bag filled with six different nutrient-dense beverages specially chosen to guide you easily into the experience. These six bottles (made up of a combination of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and raw soup) contain over 8kg of cold-pressed and blended plant matter that will flood the body with deeply nourishing vitamins and minerals. This supports the bodies organs of detoxification in doing their natural job of deep cleansing, while the digestive system takes this opportunity to rest and heal.

Before endeavouring on the Reset you will be given a booklet with lots of juicy details about cleansing, why we do it, how to do it effectively and what you can expect to come up both physically and emotionally throughout the process. Each morning you visit RAWR Bar to pick up your day’s liquids; these have all been specially chosen to facilitate the cleansing process, making the whole experience as stress free as possible.

What to expect

Expect fruity smoothies, bitter vegetable juices, hydrating coconut water blends, nut milks and comforting savoury soups that can be lightly warmed. The cleansing process itself is different for everyone. In the last three years of operation we have supported and uplifted numerous people in their journey for better health; each and every one of them reaping the benefits of this reset. Our resetters commonly report:

  • Clear, glowing, radiating skin and eyes

  • Mental clarity (brain fog has lifted), better focus and concentration

  • No more tummy troubles (bloating, gas and digestive discomfort disappears)

  • Increased energy and a lack of craving for daily stimulants such as coffee, sugar and alcohol.

  • A deeper awareness of food and what it feels like to be truly nourished by what we ingest.

Your contribution

1 day - $75

3 day - $225

5 day - $375

Low Impact on the Earth

At RAWR Bar we always try to minimise our contribution to the pollution of the planet. We have made no exception with the RAWR Reset.

All of the plant matter extracted from juicing is either composted or donated to a local farm.

Cooler Bags

Unfortunately, there aren’t any biodegradable cooler bags on the market, so we give you your own to take home and return with each day. This cooler bag remains property of RAWR Bar and needs to be returned at the completion of your reset.


The use of glass packaging is not only better for the environment but it is also better for you (avoiding BPA laden plastic). These six bottles you receive daily remain property of RAWR Bar and need to be returned at the completion of your reset. Make sure you pop your bottles in the fridge as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness and maintenance of nutrients. If you could give the bottles a quick rinse after you use, we’d appreciate it.


You will find 100% biodegradable straws daily in your bag. Straws are a good way to keep natural sugars and acidic fruits away from your beautiful teeth.


Orders for the reset must be placed at least two days before you want to begin.