Our Story

RAWR Bar is a juice and smoothie bar with a difference. From its conception the focus was on celebrating health through plant based and whole foods. Our mission was to enhance and educate the lives of our patrons by delivering them delicious vegan food that increased their own vitality. RAWR Bar offers a wide range of elixirs, foods, juices, smoothies, superfoods, medicinal herbs, artisan gifts, liquid cleanses and healthy desserts.


The Journey


They often say that the road to a healthful life is a journey; for Tishy (the founder of RAWR Bar) this was a journey that spanned a number of years and half the globe. Coming to vegetarianism in her late teens, it wasn’t until her twenties when she was living in Byron Bay and practising yoga full time that she really begun to understand the connection of nourishing food and wellness of body and mind. She became friends with a plethora of raw vegan foodies, mastered several juice cleanses and was inspired by the community of farmers and the seemingly endless abundance of fresh organic produce.
When her time in Northern NSW had finished, Tishy travelled to Central America and although she tried to maintain that high raw lifestyle, she was often educated in spices and flavours that she had never experienced before. The biggest lesson Tishy learnt was the secret ingredient she adds to all of her current offerings…love. Making everything from scratch and doing so with love marks an important difference that she maintains to this day. It’s something you can’t tangibly hold, but you sure can experience it.
When she returned home to Apollo Bay, she began sharing her food, smoothies and raw desserts with those she loved. Not long and she was off again overseas; Tishy travelled to India to study yoga. Here she learnt the importance of eating for and with the seasons. The ancient healing system Ayurveda (a centuries-old Hindu system of nutrition and medicine) follows a seasonal approach and strongly recommends the use of local, organic foods. Ayurveda was developed alongside yoga and this lifestyle and system of beliefs was taught to her throughout her 500 hours of yoga teacher training. Often when living coastally in South Western Victoria, a mainly raw foods diet seemed counter-intuitive and with her new knowledge Tishy finally had the last piece to her health puzzle.
When Tishy returned to Australia she combined what she had learnt, seen, tasted, smelt and felt into what we now have as RAWR Bar. An authentic culmination of over a decade of lessons poured into one. Her passion for wellness, journey to improve her own health and desire to inspire and aid others in their path to well-being is the fuel for RAWR Bar.


Sustainability Effort

Since opening its doors in April 2017, RAWR Bars modus operandi was to be as waste free as possible. Tishy grew up in a family that focused heavily on composting, recycling and reusing. She was always horrified when she saw how careless hospitality businesses were when reducing their waste impact. RAWR Bar has minimal rubbish, all of the excess scraps from juicing/blending/food preparing goes to either compost, worm food or a local farmer. The packaging for takeaway has always been compostable and mugs are offered instead of coffee cups for patrons to take with them. All of the food at RAWR Bar is made from whole food ingredients that are purchased in bulk and stored, limiting the amount of packaging that walks through the door. Tishy chooses to only work with companies that have great ethical and sustainable practises which means from the source to the shop to the customer there have gone great lengths to keep the product as conscious as possible.